Before you bring the kitten home, purchase the necessary accessories for it. The most important thing to buy for him is a filler and a cat litter box, cups and saucers, a claw grinding post, a portable container, bedding, toys. You may also need: harness and cat care products.

There is now a huge selection of cat litter for every taste. & Nbsp; Fillers & nbsp; are of several types: granular (mineral or wood), silica gel and absorbent (clumped).
Absorbable (clumping) fillers absorb liquids, thereby forming a solid lump that removes odors, they do not stick to wool, do not get stuck in the pet’s paws and are not taken out of the tray. Granulated wood fillers can be thrown into the toilet. Cats like them. Silica gel fillers perfectly eliminate odors due to their excellent hygienic properties.

This type can be changed 1 time per month. Unfortunately, not all cats like silica gel because they emit a characteristic crunch when used.

There are three types of toilets, depending on the nature of their use. The first type – a toilet with a lattice, is usually made from inexpensive porous plastic, has low walls, a removable lattice and is used without filler. In this case, the owner must clean the tray immediately after use.
The second type – toilet without grates, is made mainly from high-quality environmentally
Clean plastic, has high walls (10-13 cm) and a removable rim to prevent the filler from spilling out of the tray. This type of tray is designed specifically for filling.

& nbsp; The third type of toilet “house” – a closed toilet. Some owners (as well as their cats) prefer closed trays. They allow the cat to retire, restrain the spread of smell and prevent the spreading of filler, which is important if your pet loves to dig in the tray for a long time.

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