Welcome to the site of the cattery of the Neva Masquerade and traditional color Siberian Cats
«Snow Symphony»

The cattery “Snow Symphony” is registered on the WCF system.

The cattery is professionally engaged in breeding Siberian cats Neva Masquerade and traditional color. Emphasis in breeding work is done on securing an excellent pedigree type and affectionate, docile nature of cats.

On the site you can get acquainted with this beautiful native breed, look at photos of our Neva masquerade and traditional color Siberian cats and kittens, as well as choose a fluffy friend and family member.

If you are interested in a Siberian kitten or if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write to us. Please do not forget to add a couple of sentences about you and your family, because for me it is important to know where my graduate will live.

On the site you can see the kittens section and maybe fall in love with a new future member of your family.

About us

Our graduates

The cattery is young, but already has its successfully exhibited graduates.

Our cats eat super-premium food

They have their own toys and sports facilities for harmonious physical development. Much attention is paid to the social adaptation of kittens and the formation of their character already from their first days of life.

Support for cattery graduates

All contacts with the graduates are maintained and, as the owner of the nursery graduate, you can count on advice on the cultivation, care and upbringing.

Vaccination and documents

All kittens are moved to a new family vaccinated with vaccines by age, after quarantine, with a full package of documents (pedigree, vet passport, contract) and trained in good taste (know the toilet well) and the kitten.


Parents of kittens are tested for genetic diseases (PKD & HCM) and blood type, as well as before each viscous nursery producer and their “narrowed” must be checked for viral diseases (FIV, FeLV and others).

All cats in the house are full members of the family

They grow up and live with their children, in love, caress and care, surrounded by attention, because they are members of our family.